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mens louboutin d than harm ! " I gave two people a little girl a Paul Li . Facing small net and said: "You have people who are not bright shrine , and what we will not use words like temple of light ! " Su turned to the United States : " Your point of view is correct , but not to the Indonesian people as fools , in addition , although Britain has not completed the world's second-rate power, but the foundation where they do not want to sick cats ! " "What do you mean ? " Little plain looking at me looking for. " So how do you care about me ? Also, and I just do not work against it?" "How can I care about you , I was afraid you choose the wrong way to go I have to lose ! " "Cut ! Thought you turn sex of it ! " Su Mei could not help but reminders : "You go in the end which side ah ? " "I want to go Ukraine, but listening to your analysis , I think, or go Gibraltar safe point , a war terrific and the United Kingdom , Ukraine, stuck in the quagmire better ! Say it is also easier to come back when the total does not good crosses with several million troops play ? " "I knew you would listen ! " Su Mei thumbs . I interrupted her: " Forum how do you go or I go ? ? " "Of course you go ! I come to think of it off the assembly line just because I forgot to tell you the route problem , and now I have to continue to catch up on sleep too ! Bad skin, lack of sleep ! Besides, you are the president , to negotiate the issue or your hair is better ! " "Well ! I did as I go! " Su Mei and offline to rest , I will go directly to the beginning of the World Regional Forum postings . To improve the sensation , I first publicly reputation for the attack last night in Indonesia was responsible ! ( Khan ! Uncle Osama bin Laden seems those people often do things ! ) In order to improve persuasive , last night I made ​​a live recording of the war up . My video was shot on board , others see that , unless a fleet of people , otherwise it is impossible to get the perspective of the video 's ! After the video finished , I open the back we are a private army from China , will be located in Europe, Germany made ​​a friendly visit , and hope along the way to give the country convenient ! This post was issued after thirty minutes blasting the top, but the most I was actually really German players received a response ! Large line will usually have people dedicated to watching the forum , the German guild of course there are . The first is received in response to a leading German guilds , the guild 's name translated into Chinese should be - Iron Cross Army . President of the guild and I hope that we can conduct a meeting ! But I am now in the sea, it is impossible to use chat ! There is a forum to chat rooms , but it was something the players need to shore before they can use ! Finally, we discuss the decision to meet at noon , to the time we should go to Sri Lanka , and where the dock will open it! After the Germans left the British and French came. Frenchman 's opinion is as long as we do not look for trouble , France is not active provocation ! British surprisingly quite polite, say what we want to visit the UK ! Obviously excessive enthusiasm , not fraud , right ? After leaving the fleet sailed forum acceleration , not to have seen at noon on the island of Sri Lanka . I did not let the fleet to dock, but own a fly landed , the fleet continues to move forward , I'll catch myself go . After landing go first hotel, inn or open system is better looking. After quickly upstairs to surprise people around the eyes directly rushed into the hotel, given a private room . The private room door was closed, you can log in forums . Room is needed to establish cross-border charges , but the Iron Cross Army said they built the room , I do not and they fight the ! Forum Search advance into that good chat room name , and she has built. This room is set to only allow a specific nickname personnel from entering , but this particular person is me. Select the turn , text- style forum suddenly the screen for a change, as the game became a three-dimensional space after found. This room is quite large, which is super simple layout . Chapter put a circle around a long table chairs, a typical conference room furnishings ! I came in the room has three people , and they are sitting on one side of the table,mens louboutin