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louboutin sale uk espair ! "Three hours before the fleet arrived here ! " Second officer on the charts carry pointed out to me . " Sanger river ! That is before us this ! " ( Yesterday that is based on the real names of geographical names to say, easy for everyone to see , the game is not the same place names , this river is Senger Suez Canal ) I looked at the chart , this is the reality of the position of the Suez Canal , the game was changed to a natural river , even the names are to get rid of it! "We're in here? " "Yes ! " Two answers ! It seems that we are stranded in the Red River Senger Hai Ruhai mouth ! "Why would run aground ? Lorna Suez deep enough not to say it?" " Suez Canal ? " "Oh ! That Sanger river ! " Reality of a hurry to shout out the names ! "According to our observations, if not a problem because the river itself ! " Two said: " The following morning chuangwang commander asked the locals go , where fighting seems to have just happened , there is a relatively large ship sink in the river a ! so depth could have by now passed since the wreck and can not ! " "What you doing now ? " " Mate said first Biling back Red Sea deep water , then think of ways to wreck hijacked ! " Second mate suddenly looked up and said: " ! Mate is coming" I see , it really is my mate back. " Your captain is coming ! " "Well ! Told me two things , the plan of how you like it ? " "Some trouble ! Biling hit in just wearing a collision in the bottom , did not sink because we 've run aground ! But if towed back to deep water is not to say ! I was organizing local manpower to repair the damage ! Such as the Cave plugged draining stagnant water can then drag ! " " Boat Luna badge can automatically repair the hull is not it?" "But last night, no moon ah ! " Halo ! This crop to forget, here last night, rain , threatening clouds where's the moon , finally stopped raining days are bright ! " How long will also need repairing ? " "About three hours ! Then count drainage and tug , is estimated to be ten o'clock before they can begin wrecker ! " "This will not do , too slow ! Go get the fleet tug now , first pull out the Biling ." "But the boat who have holes ah ! " " Hole in what? " "In the bottom of the boat cabin , a big a hole ! " " Really ! Waterproof boats cabin door ! Door water directly pull out . Boats were flooded sink not ! Biling immediately let out a trailer sailor cabin rotation underwater repair operations , water and other free time then slowly drain , but do not affect the navigation ! quick tug to start now , I have to solve the obstacles ! " Mate immediately took command sailor rope to hang up , but fortunately we ship more, Biling although large, but still can drag the move ! Put some ropes at the stern , No. Biling lira was slowly from the canal into the Red Sea , turned up a few bubbles on the water , some of the wood chips float up , seems to be following that ship wreck ! No. Biling be towed away , the next step is to clearly underwater obstacle ! I also personally go to see , do not know how much debris below ! \ Ninety-first chapter of steel behemoth After launching I know how stupid this decision canal than the sea , where so many ships moving around in the bottom sediment tumbling out , simply could not see anything ! There is no way they crawl back into shore, the crowd of local players around the eyes , I was surprised to open the way to the premises Mother Earth space door. "Ah Di Na , come with me into the water ! Ling ! You live to see the door , do not let people go ! " I do not want someone to mother earth because curiosity got the Temple ! After launching with A Di-Na -Na once again let A Di navigate using sonar , sonar images directly to let her appear in my brain, so that I can know the circumstances surrounding it! There sediment disturbance on the sonar , but the distance is so close , with A Di-Na this biological sonar accuracy is high, and I can barely see the bottom of a three-dimensional scan ! Wreck in front of us far away, do not look small , about half the length of Biling . We fumbled into the wreckage side , A Di-Na hand touched the hull , then knocked . "Master, which is a metal ship ! " I also touched . "Indeed yes, but also a solid steel ! " This is really ironclad ship , inside and outside of this package battleship metal woodlouboutin sale uk