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christian louboutin trainers everyone offline I looked on the forum last night, we were noisy night raid in Indonesia things became hot news , overnight seventeen cities were destroyed, this is not a major event ? There is a speculation that the hottest posts attackers are combined fleet consisting of several different countries , because they calculated the distance after the 17 cities which are only considered unlikely to have such a strong fleet with mobility, and according to the players to upload videos of view, the attacks were within five minutes of the end of the longest city also just been attacked more than 4 minutes on end. Some people say that after repeated analysis , the attackers then there are 20 kilometers away from the city away from the muzzle flame analysis of a large -caliber artillery , all of which are ultra- distance artillery but also mixed with a small number of magic crystal cannon , this authorization allows the following noisy people even more. There is a Japanese saying that he is definitely Chinese fleet did, because he has seen the Chinese fleet sails do not need a motor boat, he certainly Chinese fleet mobility can attack seventeen night near the city ! And he said now has the ability to attach much magic crystal cannon warships countries , only in Asian waters , Japan and South Korea have the equipment , but also only a few European countries have , so they believed that the Chinese people do ! Followed by Indonesians and Chinese had said earlier on warships fight, the result of a sudden all the media refers to China came. I immediately behind the thread that the Japanese have a magic crystal cannon , and they long to be invaded , China and South Korea , he wanted to get through the south side developed . My words came out immediately aroused Korean players echoed the result of a sudden turned into a condemnation of the Japanese argument it! Forum shopping is enough to come back to see the fleet sailing conditions . Off the assembly line this morning when the fleet had left the Straits of Malacca , and all the way west line , will soon be able to Sri Lanka it. Al- Ni to my map shows the actual mountain fog Regiment stationed in the area north of the Alps is the reality facing the side of Germany. Some of the changes because the game map , the area is actually in Germany , and further inland ! My first plan ( to find the best chapter looked at the world map reading , more clearly ) is to take the first waterway to bypass Sri Lanka , and directly across the Arabian Sea into the Gulf of Aden . Then enter the Red Sea from the mouth of the Gulf of Aden , after passing through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean . After entering the Aegean Sea to the north , crossing the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus can enter the Black Sea . The Black Sea Fleet stop there , we landed directly in Ukraine , crossing the border into Poland , and then to reach Germany. Can be used to enter the German border in Germany Chuansong Zhen , and then things would be much simpler ! This is the quickest way I can think of . There is a set of programs in the Mediterranean , where not to go north but to the west , bypassing Gibraltar northward across the English Channel and then directly into the North Sea after landing in Germany. This program than the land we walk fast speed , because the mountain border crossing between the bad and the speed Biling itself also has advantages. But this program is quite dangerous , Gibraltar is where we all know it ? Let Biling walk around here , I said nothing to worry ! There is not a good British birds , walking the English Channel is also very, very dangerous ! The most important issue is Germany itself. German attitude of the Chinese people are more neutral , several of our players in the past may also receive a warm welcome, but if the Fleet in the past , that they might be able to fight. I'm not afraid to them, but we have to troop aim is not to fight to the bitter and the German 's ! I really want to fight the fight to find the Japanese , but also worthwhile to run halfway around the world come here ah ! The present rate , the road is not delayed, the evening after dark can enter the Red Sea, in the morning before dawn to get to the Mediterranean , tomorrow afternoon should be able to reach the Dardanelles . In so doing the day after tomorrow , whicchristian louboutin trainers