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louboutin outlet uk No. Biling not the same ! No. Biling soon after being towed sediment was washed away , here is the sea channel connecting the two , the water quickly , without the battleship mix, water immediately clear up ! Finally see the whole picture , and indeed the ironclads , and quite modern styling is simply an advanced modern warships ! It seems that this is not a local boat , thought I saw the mark on the body of the ship 's flag ! This is a French ship ! "We take a look inside ? " Ah Di Nati meeting. "Yes ! " A Di-Na behind me and hugged me , took me from a big hole in the boat tour into the boat , as Ah Di Na mermaid underwater faster than me ! The boat is sinking last night , did not like the stuff plants , there is also quite a clean cabin . After a few tanks around and finally to the bottom , so we are surprised by a ship propeller ! Otherwise strange hull shape similar to modern warships , just still wondering why you do not see sailing, now understand ! A water propulsion aspects Di-Na is an expert , one can understand. Simply took a look to me and said: " ! ! Quite low propulsion , power is not speed but can not because of the fast , this thing does not seem waterproof, water will stop running if the cabin ." "Fortunately , just rubbish ! " I do not want others to have the same level of our propeller ! "We then look somewhere else ! " You can enter the cabin will have a check , we found a ammunition , artillery is full of many , but they are relatively backward ! On deck to find the fort , pick up a relatively complete checked the cannon , artillery advanced than we seem ! After the whole ship after the conclusion of the study are: the structure and materials technology leader in Asia, Europe, warships , we have no way they can build an all-metal build warships . The Europeans have the advantage of manufacturing cannon , cannon on the ship to be more advanced than my gun . But all is not what Europeans advanced . European power is not big enough gunpowder , but very advanced artillery , artillery technology in Asia behind, but shells amazing! Estimates on both a balanced and artillery power we Europeans should be about ! So far propulsion technologies should be our more powerful ! If the wreckage of propulsion thrusters on behalf of the European level , then I think the speed should be faster European warships no where to go ! With the above conclusion , I would understand why I am looking to buy gunpowder Xiufu technology , the original question here ! After completion of the study I began to consider how clear obstacles , the ship is large, but also the metal hull , although no Biling shell casing so thick , but there may be more than stout Biling ! Such a ship wants to blow up is unrealistic, the only way is towed away ! Fortunately, the water buoyancy , they do not leave the surface warships are not heavy. Maid of the three dragons and call down, useless to put much effort to lift up the wreckage . The battleship shifted to the Red Sea looking for a deep water put down , easy to get ! Biling repair simply deal with it, they do not affect the navigation on the line, the hole in the water anyway , does not affect the fight, tonight the moon , sun drying on the line ! Hao mighty fleet finally file through the Suez Canal , after I put the pirate fleet into the Mediterranean are scattered out. Here, but those of my brother pirates birthplace , where they have a lot of the old unit , so that they spread out is to take the old unit gave to come back, but can greatly increase these pirates naval forces ! Today things have nothing to be done during the day , I can only continue to be familiar to the base offline b13 features go. To 15:00 , calculate the time the fleet should be coming to Gibraltar , and quickly on-line ! I appeared in the cabin , just to the outside through the portholes looked , the result was startled out of the situation , a lot more around Biling boat . " There you are! " Su Mei suddenly ran into the room . "This is how you do that? " I pointed out that all vessels mess . What type of boats around us has , which even many boats ! " Is your brother brought back those pirates ! " "Boss ! " Just then Lorna came. "It is you bring back ? " " Not all ! Some polar bears brought back ! " ( The polar bear is the new leader of the Russian pirlouboutin outlet uk