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christian louboutin mens ty boat ? Such a good technique is only used to change China 's gunpowder recipe some losses , right ? " Foreign is not without gunpowder, but not as good as China 's power , Xiufu Germany for my absolute superiority technology gunpowder surgery seems to be trading at a loss ! "I was not wrong price ! Fact, our technology is defective, that we made ​​the empty boat could not move ! Although the experiment many times , but we have no way to empty the boat can only do vertical launch movement , in order to make it move us even experiments employing traction on the ground , but the result is something like an empty boat locked , simply not moving the horizontal direction ! move it is the only way to close the buoyancy device , as long as the generator of a buoyant start , airships can not move immediately fixed nothing ! " Meset added: " We are now just an empty boat on the city, the defenders when placed on top archers against the enemy air force , others just did ! " "Can not move the airship ? Would be worthless ah ! " " ! Although we can not move, but still use a lot of " Xiufu Germany said: . " This thing is we spar -powered , so cost is a little more expensive , but in theory, as long as enough spar , is the whole city rose in the air ! " "What ? Can put the city rise up ? " I started relented. If you can make Isengard floating in the air , even if it can not move , can have a Sky City is enough ! "I agreed to exchange specific things so I went to Germany, met to say it ? " "It's certainly not a problem ! " "Yes, there is a problem ! You can represent the views of players is not the whole of Germany ? " Xiufu very confident : "The Iron Cross Army although not really dominate in Germany , but can we have a long and a short line will also twelve it ! " "That's good ! I do not want , and several forces are in contact ! That things like this, I'll say good-bye ! " After leaving the forum directly back to the chat room between the inn package, did not go door , I went straight out the window and jumped out. Not long talks , the fleet has not gone away , and I was soon caught up . Zicheng actually been on the line , it really is energetic guy ! After a moment and explain Zicheng routes and other things I tried to get down, old stay at sea also means nothing ! After I went around the base rolled off the assembly line , the way events physical activity . A night on the line , no matter what . Along the way are a small country , the ship is a lot more than big enough ! BUTTERFLY hit are some ten meters long boat just beside Biling model almost ! We are seeing bold stopping once anchored , fear of the waves with our turn , we see this all the way to the timid scared super fleet ran out of sight which dare close ! After going offline again asked some laboratory knowledge about b13 , b13 for something good for me to know more about ! It is time once again on the line early in the morning scared me ! Originally thought has entered the Mediterranean fleet , but I saw it and thought completely different ! Now China has dawn there , but because the time difference , it was still early morning , the sky just some white, but also by means of this faint light can barely see the situation around ! No. Biling parked in a similar river estuary where the hull and some crooked bow there Alice Lao Gao , both diagonally over the entire deck ! Hull under the river only a hundred meters wide , crooked number Biling here gave almost the whole river was blocked ! In front of our rivers already has three dozen warships , but most of the battleship still Biling behind the red sea. Stand on both sides of the river bank full of people, part of my crew , and the other part seems to be the local players ! Looking around a bit, and the other players did not see Zicheng , the crew had to ask next . " Mate where to go ? Called him up ! " " Mate in the hold , now might not be able to come , I can help you to call two how?" Crew asked. "Is also OK ! " Second officer on the river bank below , he quickly climbed the ranks. "Captain ! You find me ! " "This is how the matter ? Why stop here ? Biling number will not be stranded , right ? " Battleship crooked like this, the only thing I can think of is the battleship ran aground , but I still hope I am wrong ! "Yes ! " Two words make me dchristian louboutin mens