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mens christian louboutin h is the 19th of the morning to get into the Ukraine ! Across Ukraine is not a problem to use Chuansong Zhen on the line, crossing the border of Ukraine and Poland, the half almost, at the latest on the 19th night can go to达波兰and German border into Germany on the 20th is not a problem ! Bright Temple 31 and the war , leaving a back time, that we must be no later than the 28th leave to return , including even the 20th time I only had eight days to get our hands on military power units ! Good arduous task ah ! Just calculate the best conditions, the road then the point if something delayed delay , I do not even eight days ! But if you really take the sea in accordance with the second program go? Tomorrow morning into the Mediterranean , Gibraltar will be able to until tomorrow at four o'clock , if not dry up in Gibraltar and the British , then on the 19th morning, I get to Germany , and soon the whole day. But how to do in case of a fight ? Gibraltar is a British jurisdiction , I saw at the World Forum was specifically introduced over the British fortress of Gibraltar and the Imperial fleet stationed there ! The Imperial Fleet is the first full game organized by the players fleet , but also by far the world's largest fleet. Imperial fleet is called the Empire Alliance guild created a total of more than two thousand three hundred warships ships. And unlike rotten broken sampan boat people in Indonesia and the Japanese, the British Empire fleet is a real all- ironclad fleet , any one battleship fleet and I have a similar level of defense, at least a little difference ! I was more worried about the British heavy artillery also many, though not very good range of areas , but said the British warship shells so powerful , I do not want to experiment with their own fleet of British cannon ! Walking Gibraltar can save time , but there is the risk of war ; walk Ukrainian relatively safer , but the time will be much slower , we can not guarantee that it will not be anything about the situation ! Consider going to think in the end I just can not decide which side to go ! There is no way , I pulled out a crystal coins on the right hand. "Front left Ukraine, opposite left Gibraltar ! " Playing with the thumb on the crystal coins air, crystal coins spinning in the air, buzzing , and then slowly fell down. I look at the crystal surface of hard currency nodded . " Decided, go ...... " \ Chapter 90 Diplomacy " The decision, left the Ukraine ! " I looked at the crystal currency decision. "No ! " My two voices sounded simultaneously behind . I turned and looked at them, surprisingly , is actually a pure vegetarian beauty and small ! "Why not take the Ukraine ? " Su came to the United States , pointing to the map on the wall . " What land did not have a hostile country , but will encounter a lot of people ! " "Someone how is it?" Xiaochun took the topic : "The man is a very complex creatures, you can not understand people's thinking and , by land and a lot of human contact inevitable , probability, and these people is much higher than friction and friction of the British ! probability ! " Su Mei nodded small pure argument, and added: . " ! According to my estimate , by land takes about five to seven days before entering into Germany after Germany and we are just a few common foreign players only." Small pure again , then robbed in the past . "Weak state has no diplomatic , we light the Temple would never force any good to those who face low so we walked overland sneaky fat will become the eyes of others , once found us from abroad , they will look for opportunities to attack us trying to take an advantage ! " Su Mei spoke again : "So we not only go by sea , but also to great fanfare at the forum issued a notice to the State along the way , say a friendly visit , the courage to get rid of all the troublemakers out there , things that surprise Indonesia , not hidden . ! , openly admitted it wants , nothing veiled ! Chinese people 's modesty so bad in Europe , where the need is going to have a say ten , shake out the awe-inspiring natural to you respectfully to others on the ! when we succeed when two bombs a national publicity , the international political situation soon changed , and now we have to admit things down attacks in Indonesia , for our trip to Europe is more goomens christian louboutin