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christian louboutin pigalle 120 the other side left me . " Hello ! I'm Xiufu Germany , iron Crusaders president ! " A young age and I almost came . He took the initiative to reach out to me to be friendly . After I shook him and he began to introduce two people next to it. " This is my vice president Macfarlane , this is my religion things long meset ( guild and belongs shrine dedicated to the exchange of people, usually part-time when the general staff ) ! " "Hello , my name is purple , China Frost Rose Union president ! " In front of three people are young , and each looks extraordinary. Xiufu Germany and I'm a type of long relatively delicate , not to say that he was small , this guy standing in the meter eighty or more, said he was delicate because his face thinner , very aesthetic , and his race seems to be white wizard ( Forum chat room is to use the game character modeling landing ) . White Wizard unique white complexion and his golden hair , give a sense of beauty, coupled with his blue eyes really do not like men ! Macfarlane more exaggerated , this guy is close to two meters tall , strong like a rhino head , arms Tuicu fast to catch me up, plus a yellow brown eyes , short hair , giving the impression that the word - brutal ! Although the characters into the chat rooms have only a loose robe uniform , but I'm sure Macfarlane race is savage , but certainly Berserker career , I guess we can not do without heavy weapons and weapons of category ! Meset in three of the most short, there are about seven meters , but also the delicate type . Plus short blue hair blue eyes , looks vibrant . He is the most handsome trio , as long as he does not shy estimated around mm , no less ! "Nobody tells you stare at the girl 's face look very rude it?" Meset speak suddenly startled me . Even after translation system sounds have been less on the taste , but still be able points clear of men and women ! I did not expect meset actually a tomboy , I thought three are men too! "I'm sorry ! Beautiful things people are not always conscious trance ! " I'm not silly and she said that I treat her as a man too! In the face of such a girl talking and suicide are not very different ! "Then we sit down and speak ? " Xiufu we pulled up next to the table . Etc. After we all sat down Xiufu first said: "I do not and you roundabout , the roundabout is not the German people's habits I want to know if you 've come in the end why the German national war seem early, but you also ! ? do not like to fight ! " " That was then ! Relations between China and Germany, though not really close , but it is absolutely not to mention the hostile ! I came to actually complete a task , to say good-will visit only notified in advance to avoid unexpected fighting ! " Meset nodded: "That means you are not actually come here and the players we have things in Germany , but came to npc 's ? " "Almost like this ! Of course, if there is anything we can cooperate , I do not mind multiple exchange! " Buried克法伦stood up and said: " ! Since you do not want to fight us , then I'll go first, I do not do business line" Then it does not mean that we stand on the spot he disappeared ! Meset said: "You 'll excuse buried克法伦is like this, people are more straight , not turning , you know, most people in our country are this character ! ! " "Well ! Learn to understand ! " Xiufu gently knocked the table and said: " When it comes to business, some business I can really talk to you ! " ________________________________________________ "Oh ? What business ah ? " "You have Chinese gunpowder manufacturing technique , right ? " "Well ! There is, but I will not sell ! You are a wise man, the reason should know ! " "I understand , but if I use the same level of something for her? " Seeing my puzzled expression Xiufu Germany went on to explain : . " We have to do the task will have a line to use a new technology that allows specific a lot of stuff floating up ! " "You mean you can make a lot of surface float ? " "Yes floating debris , but not surface float ." Xiufu laugh very strange. "No surface float ? Could it be that ......" I was surprised covered his mouth. "You mean floating technology ? Did you could make an empty boat ? " Xiufu did not answer I just continue to smile , which is tantamount confirmed my guess ! "You really can build empchristian louboutin pigalle 120