louboutin shoes

louboutin shoes " I ordered the road : " the focus to other supplies on board , the Biling emptied, looking ten largest pirate ship out , give me empty , are hung flags and Chinese flags Isengard , first under the pirate flag off our boat to bring these supplies , Zicheng before leaving with a pirate fleet over the Strait of Malacca , Malacca export to us! liaise with pigeon it ! " "Yes ! " This program will soon be passed ! We action quickly, quickly freeing the vessel . Brigade to leave the rest of us 11 boats slowly move closer to the coast , where a man named Chart Display Port hot inside , there should supply it ! Battleship slowly close to the port , much could have seen the way the port . "How ? Port here I say it ? " Lorna also stay on Biling command brings 10 pirate ship , she is always on to us to show off her chart more accurate ! In fact , even the reality of the charts can also be found here in the harbor , because this is close to Singapore , shipping is very developed area , pirate paradise ! "Yes, I would go all do not speak, bargain handed roses ! " I remind you not to speak. "Rest assured , this I do not know ! " Mess road. "I'm afraid you do not know ah ! " Relentless also said: " I ‚Äč‚Äčthink, or mouth with tape to seal up the mess safer ! " "Good idea ! " In addition to the mess other people are bad laughing at him , scared the mess quickly turned and ran ! We are downtown cool, I heard the lookout hands cried. " Lie down ! Artillery attack ! " Everyone is almost instinctive lying down on the ground , then immediately hear the whistling shells sound. Boom ! A single bomb explosion beside us , a huge flame looked scary . 11 warships and artillery round after rain almost all shot , but the standard-bearer of the report is still relatively satisfactory. "All the ships without injury ! Conch No. sailors killed one person ! No other situation ! " Hush ! Only the death of a sailor , it seems I did the conversion cost several hundred million flowers , these ships have added several layers of hardwood deck full of magic and silver , in addition to magic crystal cannon shells do not close if there is no such a multi-layer composite deck can penetrate ! I jumped from the first floor . "Damn, where shelling ? " Lookout pointing to the sea : " ! There have a fleet of about four dozen warships ! " I quickly picked up the binoculars, plus the ability to star pupil , it is clearly seen on the other side of the mast flying the flag : " Battleship Indonesia ? " \ Chapter 87 Strait Patch : the protagonist's mother did not spare parasite body points out , the situation does not appear 3 million beetles ! ---------------------------------------------- Honghong ! I did not react is a row of shells fly over, you have hit the mother addicted ! Etc. The second round of shelling was over, I immediately jumped up from the deck . "All the emplacement ! " Everyone started to run their own position . " Fire door ! " Warships began one side from the bow is drawn to a small square , a root from a gun barrel sticking out the door . "Rose , you go to the magic crystal cannon turn . Prepare artillery ! " I myself have to a magic crystal cannon ran past , fuck Indonesian warships actually dare I play cannons, cannon to let you know what ! Biling instantaneously adjust the fighting stance , fast warships cross over , facing the direction of the enemy's artillery opened numerous doors, an artillery pushed out. Biling is gunboats , and had a small Japanese dry when we stopped at the harbor and coastal defense guns to shoot on the land are not afraid, Indonesia, the only forty few would dare me to play a small windsurfing artillery , I fried you can not find even block the whole board ! Ship tonnage of ships and boats between warships were eyeing me , this guy is much artillery , speed is not slow to shells froze two dozen small cannon was fired more than three dozen vessels that next door more than battleship guns , warships so prominent , who do not fight you fight ? We have fewer people , magic crystal cannon to two -person operation, with thanks to my people is not enough, so I let Ling gave me as his running mate ! Because just won the hearts of the faithful , with Ling 's good none , I just went out a targeted shells ! Indonesian people do not know is not never seen a magic clouboutin shoes