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christian louboutin shoes rystal cannon , fired at us they actually do not hide to hide , but the power of magic crystal cannon brave because you would not weaken ! Shells fired because I forgot to calculate in advance the amount of missed Indonesian warships landed behind them , watching the shells near the Indonesian people , but because they do not know what is and feel the fear, but one thing they are clear , and that is this will definitely not something glowing good thing . When they saw the shells missed their own after all laughed . At this distance has been very close , and I used to aim the telescope on a magic crystal cannon can clearly see that the Indonesian people on board excited cheering, but I also smile. Not because I Shepian but laugh Indonesians not seen the world ! Do you think that means to avoid the shells shoot all right yet ? Although the purple shells but did not stagger the battleship missed far, it is ten meters behind the ship fell into the water and place . Around suddenly quiet down, this is the shells burst of wind caused the temporary sound suppression , is followed by a loud bang , a hundred -meter-high column of water rose up . All Indonesian people are stupid , they have never seen such a big powerful shells. Water column , while a dozen meters high heaven waves was blown up, the piece is easily covered BUTTERFLY waves to the next sea. After remaining a smooth wave in the past on the sea bottom and the crew are desperately trying to catch floating debris , the water a mess ! Ling has also fanatical shouted: " This is really a cannon fun ! ! " In our first case , let the other party is not in a battleship finished, but the power of the Indonesian people by surprise. Indonesia was more than scared people, there are people next to the port . We are now very close from the harbor , there is a telescope , then we can clearly see combat situations ! Malaysian ports on the player was scared unclear , saw the boat after ending the Indonesian warships , those who looked at the small gun ports on both sides of the fort on their own , and finally shook his head ! Sea battle continues, but no suspense, sheer -sided massacre ! Our warships in Biling 1300 heavy artillery on each side , one side door several other pirate ship cannon also are more than five hundred million gates , and warships in Indonesia on a boat has no more than two hundred guns and fighting power out of all proportion ! Indonesians relied on is attack, one began to play three volleys , and then it just listen to our side of the cannons , they are there is no longer a battleship guns opened up ! Our artillery is not only more , but also great ! Indonesian shells unprecedented breakdown in any one of our armored battleship , and our artillery cannon to hit them is a two -hole , only a thin layer of their warships wood, estimated or rotten ! Front and rear mounted artillery guns mounted either firing rate or power , is not a level ! Just Shepian serve, I am also very angry , operating artillery began looking for the next target , but unfortunately, it seems not much left of the goal ! Just find a good target ready to launch , and suddenly the door was opened forts , ruthless hopped . "Boss, this ship was not hit , right ? " "What ? " My eyes never left sight. "Want to make money ? " "Of course ! " This topic I, hurried back to wait for him below. " Chuang Wang said that warships can drag back to sell the port, although not very valuable, but not cheap ! " "The Indonesian people are so rotten warships anyone? Say, sell it ah ? " Relentless pointing direction of the shore . " Port on the side, but also worry nobody wanted it?" "For ah ! That money changed hands ! Good , ceasefire ! " The two of us a few words that effort , Indonesian warships and heavy a lot, there is no way that we are quickly loaded guns , speed too fast ! The remaining seven warships on the sea we ceasefire. This seven warships is a minor , five serious injuries , as well as a basic retirement ! Just look shelling strength overdone ! I went to the edge of the boat chord and said: " how to grab ah ? " Lorna jumped out. "There I was in it ! Robbery also use your worry do ? However , it seems that ship warships recently dying ! " I forward a wave: " Fortunately , plague, it pulled ! " That was money sink is gone christian louboutin shoes