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christian louboutin sale problem is I do not know how to use ah ! " Ling cried. " Really, I do not know to find Le Meridien Nice ah ! Refining master record level of God not put a fake ! " "She is not the goddess of illusion it?" "But she is a hobby refining ah ! " "Well , I have to ask ! " Let us go optimistic that the goddess , I took Ling Le Meridien Nice to find a lower cabin . Sure enough, she really will use ! Le Meridien Nice pulled me over, and then said: " ! Mouth ." "What ? " "It's something to swallow the job ! " Le Meridien Nice road. "Is not it ? This thing is so big, swallow the card will be dead ! " This time the door opened, and a beauty never seen before came . She wore a kind of silk in ancient China Xia Yi , also inundated with ribbon behind his head , a typical Chinese classical fairy dress. Although do not know , but I always felt she was very familiar with ! "Dragon Ball so big you have to swallow , this is not what I came ! " Beauty took the ball would help me plug. This time I know who she is ! This is the Maid , a few of my familiars after 600 to have the ability to change human form , and I have not seen them into humanoid look. Maid to just- picked beads give me stuffed into it, almost not being stuck ! However, the system prompts quickly rang. " Contract beads into effect , players Purple familiars carrying capacity plus four , plus a demon servant carrying amount of the other attributes unchanged ! That artifact void ! " "Hey ! " I put the beads and spit out the contract beads fall to the ground immediately cracked a crack , and then turned it into a pile of powder. I did not expect , not only add magic pet demon servant carrying capacity also increased carrying capacity , but if there is any restriction , just give me a plus , but not 150% the proportion of six ! However, there is a better than nothing ! This happens when the door opened, and two handsome guy came in, tagging behind two beautiful women . With Maid playing before the array , which is four more than I like the recognition . They stood in a row came after four is not talking , so I guess the intention ! Big guy walked in front of the first black , rely on, a lot taller than me , but look calm cold smile. "You are the plague ? " Maid thumbs confirm I was right ! I then went to the guy in front of one end of the blue -haired second , how this than I am, but fortunately not much difference ! "You are lucky ! " On the two men , that is the plague, this certainly is lucky ! "I knew the owner would not guess wrong ! " Lucky brother so he would not calm it. "That's the beautiful lady must be Xiaofeng it?" I stood in front of the red-haired beauty. " You guess how ah ? " Xiaofeng some disbelief . I smiled and said: " ! Because your feet on the floor burned ." " Ah ! " Xiaofeng quickly get out of step , where she just stand there have been two black footprints, she excited or nervous temperature is out of control, just so excited the floor to burn black ! " Do not ask the rest of the crystal is ! " Crystal is a mage robe to figure out how not to see , but the face is still pretty full ! "The owner really amazing ! Without a mistake ! " Xiaofeng road. "Well, told me to , I'll give you an additional partner ! " We came to the meeting with something , so there 's a few other busy to go , I'll deal with this goddess. Small pure look a big vote of people behind me stations. " Longitudinal finally how to deal with a good friend to me ? " I nodded. "You kill me ? " I shook my head . " You do not have to kill so many people , right ? You have no power of the goddess ! " "What do you want to house arrest me ? " "Almost ! I want you to sign a master-slave contract ! " "You want me to give you a goddess dignified as a pet ? I do not do other people's plaything , no ! Not you dare come I blew hard ! " Small net with the final trick. Ling reached out a hand to her : "Magic is detected ! " After a few seconds she put his hand down. "Master, all right, she 's magic has been close to zero , and blew all die ! " "You ...... ! " Small pure horror retreated to a corner watching us . Le Meridien Nice to embark on road. "Obedient from us, you do not lose ! Illusion I am the goddess , which is Ling sister, took a dark goddess , this is A Di-Na , daughter of Poseidon . Followed by two handsome prince Marchristian louboutin sale