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christian louboutin outlet onite two , it is the female dragon , next to the princess from the black Phoenix outsider ! behind that is very rare Dragon fairy dragon lady , which is not much worse than you ! " A Di-Na up my armband split down . " Bite the bite , and then take you back to save the upgrade , so you can keep part level , directly down to 603 on the line ! " Knows no retreat is a small pure reluctantly dragged in front of me , she looked at my arm and said: " ? Above this how so many teeth marks ah ." A Di-Na naughty pointed out to her: ! "This is my bite , this is Ling sister bite , this is the Le Meridien Nice bite , this is the largest owner of an avid admirer of Miss Luna to bite you also added something to it ? " Pure ultimately helpless little bite down, simply identify the main end . I see a bit of property , but also good, but the same grade and Ling became a demigod level , it seems that God is not a magic pet , as long as it will receive a downgrade ! Loyalty small pure actually only 36 , this is the lowest recorded history ! After regaining my familiars lowest point of the tank to create a record is 63 , this time actually 36 points out of a really low no going up ! I am afraid that command the loyalty of so low it will have problems , but temporarily in no hurry, I familiars more, take her a while like it! Now with a little plain to me, do not worry about carrying amount . Bring everyone to the deck , and then a small fire Phoenix to harvest pure magic pet her , as three-headed golden dragon , or to Ling with it ! That guy aggressive point, I'm afraid most people could not cover ! The deck is to prevent my boat explode , the magic and magic pet pet pet me directly received is not the same . After I used to bite my pet unless voluntarily join , otherwise it will re- start training from zero level , but a magic pet familiars received his master's will and a level ! Three golden dragon and phoenix are big guys in the cabin hatch can be incredible ! ( Two pet -related properties in the works inside ) After familiars get a slight problem . The first is a three Huang Jin Longgang a hatch immediately became black, and one was the magic of ! Now three golden dragon becomes three Black Dragon , and I gave him a name called the Little Three! In contrast with the small three is still a small pure angel , Phoenix did not change . Originally thought little of pure will become fallen angels , and Phoenix will become a black phoenix, but they actually did not respond ! Probably because of the bright goddess too pure , my evil magic of times the index is not enough to level the biological God ! Well ! After more do bad things, allow for the early small pure become fallen angels ! Small pure name I did not change, the original use of the Phoenix is certainly not a Japanese name , and I gave him the name prodigal , meaning the prodigal son , left the small Japanese defected me here ! Ikeda M thought I wanted to laugh, that kid back in the corner crying certainly no magic pet deterrence Soul Master is a waste ! The end of a pet issue I let them chat in the cabin , mainly small pure surgery , she was still angry now . I am a man on the deck , Rose saw me and asked: " ? Buttoned up ." "Well ! Maritime situation how ? " "Nothing ! Still very calm, we are still far away from Europe , acquired in the morning to go to pretty good ! " "Now we have to go up ? " Chuang Wang took out the charts after hearing that goes Lorna helped me draw charts , and a map of the world has actually almost , is not landlocked information only labeled charts and coastal cities , inland areas are a blank ! Chuang Wang , pointing to the map : " Here ! " Coushang I went to see , this is not Nashi Na Islands it? Strait of Malacca is coming ! Biling speed really is fast enough ! "Yes, Purple . Supply is not finished up the pirate fleet , inadequate supplies porcelain turtle , part of what we have just installed ! " "Then we find a place to dock to add it ? " " We will make a foreign port into it? We're a pirate fleet ah ? " Chuang Wang surprised Road . "Then we put the port boom level , then go grab ? Even left the money ! " Iron rice bowl to make a bad idea ! " How much we are missing something ? " I asked Rose . " The materials focus on what is probably short of a dozen vessels supplies ! " " ! That thischristian louboutin outlet