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louboutin sale me , right ? " Not dumped me ? No way, carefully climbed in the past , next to her, but she still did not move fresh. Was about to speak , suddenly saw something flashed . Tears ? Ling cried ! I quickly sat down beside gently around her . She struggled a few times, did not throw off , it let me hug it. " Angry now ? " She shook her head , but talks about the tears flow more fierce ! "Good girl, do not cry ! " I helped her wipe her tears , and then turn over her face . "I'm sorry , I was just casually talk about , you do not get angry ! After not anymore ! " "I was not very cheap ? Saw a man on the lose ? " She suddenly spoke . "No ! Your last flat is not very happy that pervert it?" "But I ...... ! " I took her hand , then plugging it back. "Ling is the best, not self-deprecating , you're good ! " I can not help in her eyes and kissed it, would have thought just easing down angry, but ringing ears suddenly sounded scared me slip from the mast down, plunged headlong into the deck ! Ling also maintained expression of dismay , so she Huanguo Lai discovered that I was not on the mast , and looked around my legs in the air was found lying on the deck. "Master , are you okay ? " "Nothing ! That waist as if stretched straight up ! " "Then I'll call Miss Rose help ! " Ling quickly ran into the cabin ! I quickly opened familiars list of attributes , loyalty Ling column what numbers are gone , replaced by a red heart . This is what ah ? Use the help system an investigation, is described . " Loyal heart. Loyalty to reach up performance , loyalty, such familiars will be fixed, even if the owner was ill and will not fall. Has this logo familiars and other players in combat familiars when determining the priority to attack , while there may be such familiars soul bearing phenomenon under normal circumstances would lead to his death the player belongs familiars collective death , but the phenomenon will be carrying the soul after the death of the owner to make this owner loyalty of heart magic pet continues to lead other familiars fight, after the death of the owner of the magic pet owner can call all the skills and items of equipment , command and control familiars can fight ! If this familiars in the final three minutes to kill the enemy that he did not death , then resurrection masters level automatic loss of pay back all the damage does not record ! " Oh my God ! The trainer is not that the dream of all skills? Trainer occupations most afraid of? Of course, their own hang ah ! Similar Master trainer , combat itself is very bad , thanks familiars and battle the demon servant , so concentrate on fighting the enemy www.tututa.com first get rid of the trainer , as long as the master of death , magic pet once finished ! But with this skill will be different , the owner died familiars will continue to fight , if possible victory , then death is not ! Ha ha ha ha ! I finally found one so powerful super skills. I have so much magic pet , but also Xiaofeng resurrection ability , you want to completely get rid of all my familiars and myself , and that is dreaming. Unless the line of battle , or as long as I do not like to touch those abnormal level of Dragon boss, basically zero chance of my death ! Wow ha ha ! ____________________________________ "He fell on his head is not it ? " Rose just arrived, followed by the United States also followed the prime . They see it as a pet I am a man lying on the deck giggle ! "Because that did not you? But the owner did not bring a helmet , really hard to say ! " Ling actually say it to me ! " ! Very good to me the two of you do not say bad things about me ! ! " I got up and said: "Do you think that the three goddesses new to how we should dispose of the boat on the strategic decision-making ability is relatively superior three of you ? up ! I was to kill her, or house arrest ? or put it back ? " Rose said: " put back a recipe for disaster , absolutely not ! " Su Mei also said: "Kill not kill meaningful, anyway, she did not go back, someone will take over the Temple her right ! " Ling suddenly suggested: "The owner is doing her magic pet received it ? " " I want to , but unfortunately not enough familiars location ! " "You do not have a magic pet can increase the carrying capacity of the four contracts beads you?" Ling asked. "The louboutin sale