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christian louboutin uk combat too , the focus is too high penetration ability , if unfavorable to my temple of light , it is difficult to resist , not as early as possible in addition to the permanent battle troubles ! As Isengard do ? Although now is not how, but very special strategic position , his presence in our war to destroy the dark forces of religious unity is very negative ! and, after this battle planning their dark lord can actually put together and the Dragon Temple , This leave shall not be more shows Isengard ! " " But you bright and justice on behalf of such can be considered justice ah ? " Small plain face is cold-blooded . "Destroy the evil is justice , bright and sometimes need to clean blood ! Long as the direction is correct, means not a problem ! " My goodness ! Looks can be deceiving , so pure small pure Ni Bi Aer speak out even if poison is really a war maniacs do ! "You know as well as the Black Temple and Dragon Isengard tripartite together , that you have the intelligence system in Isengard myself ? " "Of course ! You do not have someone on my side? Do not think I do not know , give me a day to clean the room that the maid is obviously a dark temple spy , I just do not want to move her ! You spy on me 95 % of my know ! " Rose could not resist: "Why do you tell us so much ? " Su Mei lieu she replied : " She told us to let us prepare early to beat the Temple of forces ." Calculating people in this area relatively little experience Xiuluo purple , her strange asked: " She's not the boss yet Shrine Temple beat her any good ? ? " Su Mei then said : "You made ​​a mistake, a very big advantage right now is someone to engage in temple gone, the new leadership came to power after the system needed a major victory stabilize their position , so that the following people know better than new leadership ! goddess difference ! which is why the development of the original small pure battle plan , she was gone in just a delay and not canceled ! Xiaochun told us a lot of information is to enable us to defeat the temple of light , once the fighting fails, then the new leadership must be opposed , when she come out a clarion call , Temple went back to her hands up ! " " Wow ! Do not see such a pure -hearted girl so poison ah ? " Shura purple and I like to be deceived by the appearance of small pure ! Small pure sit there straight fingers and said: " First, I do not call this poison , which is pre-emptive second , I'm not a little girl , I have three hundred and ninety -year-old in the third , I do not call it pure ! ! , but knowing too ! confuse the enemy is the first condition of victory, only the enemies do not know what you're doing is possible beat ! " I understand why now be completely dark and bright Temple Temple played for so many years always defeats it ! Ling and small pure gap look on all clear! Little girls do not like pure character rather like dignity , to be more like an anti- Ling secretary ! The two men directing operations , the outcome is obvious you ! Small pure heavily taxed , what can not escape her plan , so the dark temple always lose ! Ling like a secretary, she used to be before things happen and not ready to take the initiative ! So the forces of darkness have so many weapons, magic move , and all the dark city almost like a fortress repair , Isengard is the culmination of the dark history of the city is simply super fortress fortress fortress sets ! "Master ! You come out to look at it ? " Ah Di Na suddenly rushed shouted. "And how is it?" "That ! Ling sister clamor to jump into the sea ! " "I'm dizzy ! This is magic pet it? Also high maintenance than my wife ! " "Well ? " Rose looked at me askance . "I'm sorry , something wrong ! " I quickly ran out with Ah Di Na , think back to the first and said: " ! Shura purple , you optimistic about her ." "Do not worry , she now even magic attacks are not put out, I think how a soldier is not torn her how ravaged her ! " "Then I'll go out ! " Quickly turned on the deck ! I found out everyone looked up , I followed to the point , Halo, Ling a man sitting on top of the mast beam daze ! See the list of attributes pets , Ling loyalty actually reduced to 99 , but the original 100 ! I quickly climbed up and stood on the main mast propaganda. "I said the eldest , I was wrong, good or bad , you first cochristian louboutin uk