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christian louboutin day decided to run away with you ! " Ling with sour Road. "Cut ! Do you think people like you , with the same obstinacy ! " Ling said it was from the first sight I was glued to the rejection all throw off , but she said it was full of useful it! " Humph ! " Ling angry ran out , and Ah Di Na Le Meridien Nice also chased out , Le Meridien Nice from the side when I had gave me ! Le Meridien Nice little plain to see action laughed : " ! Your friends oh so cute ." " She is my familiars , not my friend ! We have a master-slave protocol ! Familiars just that three are now the rest is my friend ! Also, the almost angry and your identity ." " And I almost identity ? She also captured ? " "No, she is the original dark goddess ! " "She ! " Small pure eyes almost pop out . " Well, now is our time to interrogate , you need to answer some questions ! " I went to sit down next to Rose . "First tell me why you want to leave the temple ? " "I can not answer it?" Pure began loading up ! " What are you most afraid of ? " I suddenly changed the problem. This time she did not hesitate : " afraid of the dark ! " "You can not answer , but our boat , but there are a lot of dark cabin Oh ! Pitch- black inside , there's something standing in front of you, you can not see it! " "Do not Do not Do not ! I replied still does not work ! " Small mouth Jue pure oil bottle can be hung up ! "Because I fell magic , angels shrine inside a few gripping power to unite want to kill me grab my right , I had no option but to run out ! " "Magic fall ? " Rose surprised : "The power of God will fall right ? " I also said: "Yes ah how your magic will drop it at the beginning of porcelain turtle outside I saw a big hole , you fry it! ? ? " "That was when I discovered the Temple of the pursuers were forced to put in , but then the magic getting weaker , even when you encounter magic attacks are not put out ! " "But why your magic will fall? " My Strange asked. Suddenly a small pure teeth and said: " That bastard thief are victims ! " "What bastard thief ah ? " I picked up the tea table items up slowly . "They do not know ah ! Anyway, is a damn thief , he sneaked into the temple of the bright star forbidden to steal ." " Poof ! " I put a tea all sprayed out, startled and quickly rose to help me Chuibei shun gas . Several people have looked at me knowingly grin on his face . Small plain does not seem to notice my overreaction , she also immersed in hatred . "You say this damn thief , what is not good to take , non- bright star to bring people . Thing others to no avail ah ! But for me the thing that is very important , there is no bright star I can not add energy , the results of Mana decrease day by day . because those in power is only dared to touch my angel idea , otherwise it is impossible to borrow them a daring rebel ! hum ! blame the thief ! , if I caught him non- kill his belly open , and then pull out his intestines tied around his neck and strangled him ! No, this is too good for him , we should first find a zombie bite him to turn him into a zombie , and then use the Light every day, according to him, let him Qiushengbude Qiusibuneng ! eh ? purple ? how you dizzy now? " I do not faint ! I say this bright star and Dark Star obviously useless , but the two temples are the same as the lock when the baby so tight, So now is to add energy to the Lord God ! Fortunately, Al- Ni to Isengard when I 've Dark Star back to her , or else find this on more than one of my accounts goddess ! But Ling not have not used the dark star? Could it be that only the reign of God was needed ? Or ask later say . Crawling out from under the table , and quickly change interrupt topic: " ? This , the temple is not very fast without you those rights would fall into the hands of an angel ." ______________________________________________ "Well ! Faster then eight days , slow the thirteen days , they are certainly right to go out ! " Right replacement needs seven to ten days , strange to say otherwise bright city on the 14th of war delayed it, So now is for this reason ! "So the decision had to attack and destroy Isengard Dragon is a band of angels to develop ? " Small pure so pure, although some small slick, but such policies should be independent of Jagged with her ! "Wrong ! That are making me ! Maronite single christian louboutin