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louboutin uk d: " ? Equipment" " Ah ? What equipment ah ? " I gave confused ! "We want to deal with that guy is not it? " I nod ! "You can not let me play on an empty person ah ? Give me the equipment for the job ah ! At least I have my roots wand to combat ah ! " Halo ! Avatar also equipped ah ? That I am not a person to use three sets of equipment now? I turned and looked at the werewolf form of avatar. "You do not have to , right ? " This avatar voices very forthright , unlike the angel avatar so softly thin air . "I'm not a big problem ! " He shining coldness paws out in front of me. "There is that you can fight it! However, there is overall better equipped ! Especially armor , I do not need weapons , armor, which have a total right ! " Angel avatar also shouted: " I ​​do not want armor , give me root Staff on the line ! " "I want armor ! " "I want the wand ! " "I want ...... ! " Two places at once put my head are arguing dizzy. "Stop ! " The two guys have ordered a halt . I have a bite of a stomping , pulls out a fairly before picking up the wand from the bracelet can then find a set of standard mage robes . All to spare the angels : "First improvise , think of ways to go back ! " Likewise, I also find some armor to previously collected werewolf avatar : " ! Wore before , go back to say ." _________________________________________________________________ Angel took the spare robe , holding a wand and then looked at his mouth muttering : "Do you own use so good , actually refuse to make up my sleeve ! " Werewolf avatar also said: " You see this is what armor ah well hole ! ! ! " Suit of armor is actually good, that have not been repaired, I played the hole is still above ! "You do not have something good one? " Angel avatar actually opened my bracelet directly go looking for something , it seems that the system is set to spare and I became equal rights , my equipment , he can easily use ! After turning a few times I saw an angel pulled out a bunch of equipment to spare from the bracelet , is actually the archangel suit, I forgot how to put things ! " Said no good equipment ! Fooling me ? What is it? " " Not lie to you, I do not remember this stuff ! You are my avatar , we are one, I kid you not do ? " " Say is ! " Angel said as he spare sets of Archangel to the body suit . "The things I want to, advanced armor of God , not bad ! After thinking about ways to engage support Staff on the line! " "Hello ? Itself ! Good things you give him to me what ah ? " Werewolf avatar angel avatar see good things do not get done ! "I really do not! Or you turn ! " "I do not find, I believe you ! Remember me out after a good set of points on the line ! " "It must surely ! " Khan ! This is the avatar you ? Throughout the two robbers do ! "You do not have finished ? " Opposite Ikeda M can not wait ! Werewolf avatar looked at him arrogant : " Wait a hurry to find Sia again , right away kill you ? ! " Rapid styled frame face Ikeda M , " Scott , these enemies will fly , you will be supported on the line one with javelin ! " "Roger ! " " Plague, even hand to deal with the three of you that three dragons no problem, right ? " "No problem ." " Xiaofeng , Maid ! Phoenix bird to you! " "Do not worry ! " "Tanks , and crystal magic beetle with you , Kendiao piece catfish ! " "Rip ! " Tanks can not speak can only answer jet . " Follow me deal with two spare Ikeda M ! Three-one should be no problem ! " "I have one on the line ! Such thin ribs, ten eat my meal ! " Werewolf character avatar apparently straightforward comparison , the relative is also very arrogant ! I seriously warned him : "Do not eat meat, this guy is smelly ! ! " Fortunately quickly to help me and said: " Yes, yes the last time I ate bad stomach pull walk all the way ! ! " It seems lucky to last Chihuaiduzi also a lingering fear ! Werewolf once said: " ! So ah play it tore setback mud pie ! " Angel spare wand shaking hands , " you will not be so bloody Langtou good, so I took him out for cremation more environmentally friendly ! " "I was a yokel , a direct comparison www.tututa.com point ! " Two places at once actually got into a fight ! I now be completely understand, why is it called avatar of these two ! Simply separate body syslouboutin uk