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louboutin men gs ! But now the evening sky so dark , even though I have excellent night vision and can not see the footprints at high altitude such a small thing! While identifying the footprints while continuing to move forward, seeing snow on the left into the forest, where the snow is thin, but will not affect my tracking footprints. So all the way to catch the morning, at 6 o'clock, when I had almost left the forest ! But the footprints on the ground suddenly disappeared ! Oh, my confused, no footprints how to recover ah ? Footprints in the snow is suddenly interrupted , the snow beside some traces of clutter , it seems that my body here replaced with wings flying ! " Ghosts ! " I'm looking for clues , next to a sharp cry startled me . "Ghost ? Lie in what ? Where ghosts ? " I looked to find , but soon realized that the caller said to me. " Ahem ! Lady Please note the words ! I called the state of the soul ! " "Do not come ! " This little mm a horrible expression constantly go back . I did not bother to explain to her , but suddenly thought of a strange question . " How can you see me ? " " Ah ? " Small mm for a time did not react . "I ...... I am the resurrection Master ! " "Oh ! " Original and rose a professional ! Etc. , resurrection Master ? Is not that the body can put the soul back ? "That's exactly ! Trouble you told me to use Resurrection , OK? " Small mm shy replied: "But the resurrection should be charged ! " Halo ! Touch an idiot ! "You see I do not have the money , the cost Can be owed ​​ah ? " "My brother said to the credit of those who are liars , let me accept the credit must be given ready money ! " Completely defeated ! If the flesh in , I do not care about the money , but not in the flesh , I can use in addition to communication outside the soul can not state what the deal is impossible ! "Well, either way, you help me revive , and then I let others help me to give money to you? " " This can be ! " Idiot to actually have this degree ! However , as long as the purpose , not an idiot nothing to do with her ​​white me ! "You helped me resurrection, then go find a place called the Rose of Isengard female players for money ! " "Yes ! I will now help you revive ! " ______________________________________ Finally get this fool ! A white flash ...... resurrection failed ! Again ...... and failed ! Continued ...... or failure ! Twenty consecutive times after I was ready to open curse , suddenly heard the resurrection of success tips ! I just felt a strong pull to pull me in one direction in the past , the scene around the lightning passing from in front of me , too fast, I did not see anything ! Suddenly a black thing in the front, although everything around is so vague, but this black shadow was so clear . I recognized it, it was my flesh ! My soul with very fast speed rushed past, the shadow of two identical , one white one black , violent coming together ! "Oh ! " Said a voice from my flesh uploaded it. I saw a figure flying out from my body , this guy is a continuous roll landing several laps stopped down. The other side of my body and soul , and finally two for one , my weak knees, data showed stamina bottom ! Frail body shook back and forth in the knees , then pitched down in the snow ! Ling came running from the side . "The owner ? Okay ? " "Fortunately ! That no stamina it! " Accompanied by a huge burst of wind Pneumatic , three dragon on my side slowly drop down. "Master Your finally back ! We have been with your body a night ! " " Humph ! Actually let you come back ! " Zhuangfei people from the ground up. I recognize what this guy . " Ikeda M ? Really did not think , even you come to China ? " Physical agents quickly stuffed two sinks, in case one will fight, I will at least not be a burden to their familiars ! "You Chinese people have a saying called reciprocate ! Last time you did so many things on my big Japanese homeland , I always have to come back ah ! " "Oh ? " Took the pills, some of the strength has been restored . I deliberately walked around Crystal patted her paws. "You have the ability to do before ? " This is my angry at him intentionally , you know , but his magic crystal former pet ! Now Crystal defections , do not know who is the former ownerlouboutin men