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christian louboutin london of the Crystal Ikeda M what do you think ! Taking advantage of the opportunity Ikeda M was trembling all over my gas , Ling walked quietly behind me . "Master Caution ! Ruthless powerful this guy , he has been occupying your body , we are not good shots, but according to the description of the Phantom , this guy very much ! " I quietly asked Ling : " He did not just do it with my body ? " "He would have wanted to take away your gear , but the Phantom has been in your body , and his fight for control of the body , so he can not control a lot of things , though he had just been grabbed control of part of the body, but he was only You can escape it ! and you who have your spiritual artifact mark , he can not use one ! we originally intended to help Mirage forced him out, but he is very cunning , has been run to the side , I am afraid that here someone collusion him ! " " Polaris monarch do ? He did not look me in the flesh, how do let this guy go ? " Maid leaned up and said: " god has just come up with the results , he commanded us to guard the flesh , he went looking for someone to show off to go ! " "This old bastard ! That Ikeda M is how come my flesh ? You are not guarding it?" "We're in a Tiaohulishan dollars ! Came with a small Japanese sub Phi attacks distract us gave up ! " "That those people? " " Have all been killed, that he had been hiding in your body , we have a bad start ! " " OK ! I know ! " "Purple ! I will not let you ! " Hold for so long finally Ikeda M reaction . "Although less dragon , but I have other familiars ! Let you know about my new magic pet ! " "The new magic pet ? " I'm not surprised by what new magic pet , but surprised Ikeda M actually have to carry magic pet ! Pet space has been canceled, there is magic pet people should be able to see at a glance , but Ikeda M asked me to look at the new magic pet , but I did not see him carrying any familiars around ah ! I saw Ikeda M hands on the ground , he was the center , the sudden appearance of a huge black hole on the ground. He seems to have their own storage space ah ! Black hole blinking red light , a bath of fire suddenly channeling out from the Phoenix black hole . This sort of new magic pet ah ? Did not we have it? Just as I was wondering when they suddenly sprang a hole in the magic pet , this is the last time that the same thing as catfish , also seen ah ! Suddenly a black hole sounds of loud Dragons , behind me three dragon simultaneously frowned , Is is the dragon ? Not ah ! Look Ikeda M should look with confidence , that he last saw lucky because I know there is a dragon, what would he think he 's worse than my dragon dragon ? Black hole shake a few times, a golden faucet in the hole, it seems really is a dragon , or of dragon ! As I determine Ikeda M new magic pet golden dragon black hole after the article appeared suddenly two leader, and with the appearance of the body , I was surprised to find three faucet is connected to a body ! Ikeda M 's new magic pet is actually of three dragons ! " Ha ha ha ha ! Japan how to make a monster ah ? Even dragons are deformed ! " I deliberately ridicule Ikeda M . " ! Hum one would you laughing ! " Ikeda M arrogant and said: " I ​​will let you know what is meant by the dragon ! " I also realized that Ikeda M 's confidence is not unfounded, so sure he will be able to beat me , it shows that he must have relied on , maybe this monster with three heads really difficult to deal with it ! I looked around, here is the glade , is leveling the place , a lot of the blame around , but the level is not high ! But I want is a little bit of experience ! Would spoil the magic of their own body and said: " ! Go fast killing, to find a good deal of mobs , rose to 600 and then come back ! " My familiars are like me stuck in the 599 full, now I eat Polaris Jun pills , has no limit , as long as they gave me to kill a blame , we fully upgraded to the 600 ! Back then and now the combat effectiveness may be quite different ! As the saying goes be prepared , I took out overkill posture. " Summon ! Door space ! " Open space connecting earth mother temple door , my little brother were all put out. Command out to kill a blame familiars are back again rose 600 , demon knight and do nochristian louboutin london