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christian louboutin pigalle peared at the foot of Tai Chi Ikeda . Golden flash , Ikeda significantly slow down the action , but his soul did not come out ! Soul Master deterrence also specialized career playing soul , the soul of this forced displacement spell effect seems too good for him ! " Fearless ghost town character ! " Magic flying a direct hit Ikeda forehead , I could see the silhouette of a milky Ikeda who fly out from my Fuzhi posted on this figure together with him to leave the flesh Ikeda , see to finally put his soul out to play ! Tai Chi lock soul matrix among Ikeda M soft body without a soul immediately fell down , Ikeda 's soul from the ground up and wanted to go back to his own flesh . My character is a ghost town thrown out , while pointing Ikeda M flesh : " ! Mirage , on his body ." "Yes ! " Phantom leave immediately my body into the Ikeda M flesh , without a soul is more controllable than the living . Phantom an entry, Ikeda M flesh immediately jumped up and ran over to my side . "Master, I succeeded ! " Ikeda two spare flesh was immediately understood our control , the target immediately replaced by the milky Ikeda soul ! Werewolf avatar is still the fastest, he rushed up directly : " ! Flame claw" with flames suddenly penetrated the iron claws Ikeda 's body, but Ikeda nothing happens ! Originally hands retaining head Ikeda found that he did not do , and immediately realized that the ghost is afraid of physical attacks ! But just as he was ready to start when it found that although the attack will not be attacked , but he is no way to attack someone else ! Angel magic avatar immediately ready to end : "Clean Light ! " Ikeda M not only shocked , I have never seen. Angel avatar Senior bright spells will actually purify the light , I'm dark , Department of Biology , something that even I can not ah ! Anyway Ikeda 's soul is still under attack , bright spells on attack power is also a ghost ! Phantom had wanted to go to help, but I got hold of him . "You go to attack Ikeda magic pet , hey, his familiars attacked by their own masters , loyalty certainly fall straight down , no one will wait for the loyalty I put them all come back again ! " " Understand ! " Phantom manipulating the body immediately ran away . Magic is based on the ability of the soul , there is no way to use phantom Ikeda M magic , but based on the body's physical attack can still be used ! Anyway, it is not going to kill these familiars , just to be able to attack on it, if not break defense does not matter, as long as the attack loyalty will drop ! Ikeda 's soul to the deal two places at once , I started to grasp the skills to capture the magic pet , such loyalty drop faster ! Phantom controlled by Ikeda flesh slowly moved to the Phoenix fighting Xiaofeng and place , took me to his crossbow aligned Phoenix ready to shoot up. Wooden arrows hitting Phoenix has not gone high temperature was burned , but looked puzzled glance Phoenix Ikeda force men to continue the fight and start Xiaofeng . Phantom control Ikeda flesh and shot an arrow up, the anger against the Phoenix shouted below . I can see the skills by capturing the loyalty of Phoenix , the loyalty of the original 100 has only 94 , and two arrows out 6:00 loyalty really is out fast enough ! That crossbow too slow , I dug out the one and from bracelets to Phantom Crossbow . This fun , warehouse finished shooting an arrow , Phoenix has only 34 of loyalty . Phantom and shoot a few arrows up, Phoenix actually lost a small fireball down to start fighting back ! Although small fireball , apparently warning mean more, but after all, Phoenix has begun to attack his own master it! Phantom quickly so they make a few arrows, a phoenix out of anger towards fighting phantoms Ikeda flesh is washed down here . I saw the opportunity to use a capture, a success! Phoenix loyalty at this time is already the single digits , and capture the magic of this loyal pet super low catch wild familiars than simple and more! Subduction Phoenix maintained its original flight attitude into a white pet egg dropped on the phantom hand. I walked over and put that egg into the bracelet , then consider closing to end the fighting pet issues , to say nothing of time now ! Rushed to the three golden dragon ran past christian louboutin pigalle