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christian louboutin outlet uk consume magic , no time limit , after the launch of skills allows you to create two entities avatar. avatar has some intelligence, their actions will determine the way , you can use the command given in the form of a range of control . respectively are only two places at once one of your physical and magical attack power , but have done a unilateral strengthening. avatar value of life and the value is equal to the value of your life , but do not share , avatar of death has nothing to do with you, but your death will cause death avatar , avatar after an interval of 1 hour before death may need to appear again ! " Wow ha ha ! It issued , did not expect so many awards ! But think also, I am a breakthrough in the world of demons level 600 players , rewarding things too stingy how the line ! I stopped at the side of the system of incentives that a Shaniao Ikeda standing opposite me and looked at me in a daze wanted to take the opportunity to take advantage of, but he found that no matter how rushed all had not come , I was a gas wall protection up ! Systems in and talk to me, so I certainly could not accept the award because of the death . Here the system is to dominate , he made ​​no buffer zone who had come! "You have exceeded 600 , please find the relevant npc vocational promotion, and learn relevant skills ! Prompted the end , three seconds after the removal of the defense wall , be prepared ! " System finally finished, but he wanted to blame thoughtful , the removal of the defense wall further notice soon ! Are attacking defensive wall three golden dragon suddenly disappeared almost stumble because of barriers ! This time we did not attack each other , golden dragon himself returned the next Ikeda . Familiars were all back out of the upgrade , I say let them come back after 600 , for them to kill a monster is not a problem , so quickly are back ! Behind the door there is also a neat row of 6000 cavalry , outside space is not enough, do not let them out, and now there lined up , ready to come out to support us. After we Ikeda forces arrayed against the man completely , the first to experiment with my avatar surgery really easy to use . The two awards are special skills , no skills passwords places at once pure mind control . After launching the skills I imagine not separated from the body of the same two individuals, but there are two black holes in my side , two totally unlike what I came up from the hole ! Standing on my left is a systemic hairy werewolf , modeling point of view , and I turned him from following the same shape as a werewolf , but the wings behind looks stronger number ( forgot to say , the protagonist behind the wings instead of Hymenoptera ) , and long black hair on his body , it is very spiritual way . Look at more than two meters tall and shiny fangs, claws , and even startled me feel tremendous pressure , it really is a very sharp individual ! At the same time in my avatar to the right hand side is a humanoid appeared, his face and I'm exactly the same , but I do not know why it feels good look weak , even more than I used to look like a woman , if I knew he was I have my spare even put him as a woman ! His back also has a pair of wings , but this does not seem the left wing werewolf form avatar that is so big, but is actually pure white angel wings ! Even more surprising is the avatar in addition to long especially outside the pale , even the hair is water blue hair , I obviously purple ah ! Could it be that he 's not as good as my magic so strong ? But the left side of this apparent black shiny ah ! Could be two places at once a part from my darkness , a light from my part of it! Two places at once are out, but the strange thing is I have almost two spare bare ! Tiamat two spare no suit, no spare time to follow suit Tiamat points ! Avatar werewolf form only a piece of animal skin around his waist , and his black hair Baji almost inadvertently not see it ! The other side of the angels form the avatar 's body is a white silk robe from top to bottom , not the kind of mage robes, but things like pajamas , thin almost transparent ! I'm still in a daze , angel avatar first spoke, he stretched it out towards me . I am not react, he saw I did not react pointed himself saichristian louboutin outlet uk