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christian louboutin wedding shoes tems put my personality and the ability to have split into two . Werewolf avatar has a strong body and my personality straightforward side of me , but spare the angels have my magic ability and my character cunning dark side ! Two places at once and together, is my own , actually there is such a spare , I really want to come out loss system ! My first thought was to replicate the two body like me to , it seems completely not the case ! " Knock it all ! Quiet ! " Cloned Although self-awareness and character mode, but my order still has absolute authority , and a speaker on both sides quiet ! "Ling , you three mage -type support behind it ! Which side the more dangerous you will support which side ! Whitecaps , rose vines , darts , a pioneer group responsible for protecting the side of the Master is not to be disturbed ! " Told me after I move forward a wave: " Charge! " Team immediately rushed up , but we have not rushed to him saw three golden dragon began to inhale. "Oh, he wants to use Long Yan ! " Our side of the three dragons started immediately stopped breathing, dragon want to spray both sides of Long Yan , those of us who can not stand in the middle , and quickly jumped to one side ! I saw three golden dragon suction end of the three heads together suddenly stretched out forward and began spray . Red , blue, green , tricolor Lung inflammation while spray out. Our side also completed three dragon Long Yan , while starting jet forward . Fortunately purple dragon on a red inflammation on Long Yan , two stocks Lung inflammation in the air crash with each other who can not withstand the advance . The black plague Long Yan Yan and blue dragon coming together , but also can not resist each other advance ! Crystal white and green dragon Long Yan Yan also hit together. Lung inflammation six two two-phase formation of three contacts , Long Yan are near the top of the contact can not be moved now to see who some of the longer endurance ! Comparable on both sides when the tank flew up, we have forgotten the tank also will spray attack , but he is a strong acid spray ! Green mucus an exposure to three golden dragon 's body immediately burn Interfax emitting bursts of smoke , fire up the Phoenix think tank blocked , Xiaofeng immediately rushed up and he hit a ball. Big catfish swim up quickly want to help, but was immediately cast in a row to beat the gun back ! Three golden dragon who burned straight smoke, just stick a few seconds, and finally dissolved Interfax acids burn the skin , the body of a golden dragon pain , inflammation of the mouth of the dragon soft down immediately . Fortunately, they bang the Lung inflammation spray in the past , gold dragon suddenly been hit by three Long Yan , immediately blown up, basically scales on the body have been burned ! Fortunately, Long Yan like napalm , not only high temperature and strong adhesion , golden dragon burned rolling on the floor . A lucky strike succeeded plague together immediately and rushed up close with a magic crystal support . Four dragon head is not small, they fight like earthquakes , mountains shake the earth ! Our side is not far behind , along with my two places at once to Ikeda M rushed past, kill him more familiars are rubbish ! Ikeda rushed over to see me immediately ran backward , he knew not my opponent, he is a pure mage , I am a fighter plus Master , I was still dead pasted it? Ikeda has not run away , he saw the silhouette of a flash next to me , has come to the next werewolf avatar Ikeda , paw to shoulder a ride on his back area, immediately put Ikeda M to bring it back ! Ikeda also fly in the air, my right side a dazzling magic missile flew past. ___________________________________________ Magic Missile and Ikeda M collided in the air , bang , Ikeda tumbling fly out , jumped up and down claw werewolf avatar Qi mercilessly , cut a cross in the air and hit the Ikeda turned a somersault landing n . This guy can be mixed Chu Mingtang in Japan shows that he is still some strength , being two places at once so I did not play dead ! But I'm not the only avatar , I am also an offensive force ! I just got up and while he has not yet firm to jump directly to the air, "Tai Chi lock soul array ! " , An array of gold suddenly apchristian louboutin wedding shoes